The Clarke Family

01 November 2014

Meet Tracey Clarke: The centre of our first family, after being hit by sudden blindness, its a case of all change for Tracey, her husband who have switched bricks and mortar for a house boat and guide dog Oakley.

Filming behind the scenes with Paul Pickford

01 December 2014

Often its the smallest member of a family that gets the most attention - with Oakley the guide dog, there is no exception. He even has his own facebook page. Why not go and see the dogs-eye view.

Click here to visit Oakley’s Facebook page.

10 December 2014

Oakley Cam allows us to get a unique guide dogs eye view

Filming behind the scenes with Paul Pickford

18 December 2014

We catch up with Tracey, Tim and Oakley again to find out how their journey towards self-sufficiency is going. From suitable footwear, to a dedicated laptop for Tracey, we get an insight into how they have been able to make massive improvements with just a few simple additions. It’s another powerful story chock full of positivity.

06 January 2015

Tracey has been putting her laptop to good use and has written a piece for Cover Magazine. It is a personal account of how her life changed and how her family has adapted.

Click here to read Tracey’s article in Cover Magazine

Filming behind the scenes with Paul Pickford
Filming behind the scenes with Paul Pickford

09 January 2015

Happy Birthday Oakley from all at 7 Families!

28 April 2015

We catch up with Tracey and Tim as they meet Rob, their Case Manager. After her diagnosis she felt like she had been just left to get on with it, alone. With Rob’s support and advice she is optimistic about her future and returning to being able to earn her independence.

15 June 2015

It’s to be expected, that with her failing sight, Tracey is having to adjust; we catch up to see how she’s relearning how to use a computer as a non-sighted person, sans screen and mouse, with the support of Graham – a freelance trainer with experience in the area.

02 July 2015

We catch up with Tracey (and Oakley) as they prepare for a sponsored walk from Bath to Reading raising funds for guide-dogs like Oakley and the freedom they allow their owners.

15 June 2015

Tracy is really excited at the arrival of her Prodigy Reader. A bit of kit that allows her to read books and magazines again, something she’s dearly missed over the last few years.

03 September 2015

The walk is on! We join Tracey and Oakley on their sponsored walk along the Kennet and Avon Canal, as they raise funds to support the ongoing and invaluable job that guide-dogs do, and the freedom that they allow their owners.

08 September 2015

Back on the canal, we get a glimpse of Tim and Oakley’s special bond, and how the whole experience has had a positive effect on Tim.

14 October 2015

Tracey and Tim have got some exciting news to tell us as they prepare for their sponsored walk (and their daughter’s wedding).

04 February 2016

After an exciting few months, Tracey is as positive as ever. And her writing aspirations are falling into place as she decides to take the first steps towards turning guide dog Oakley’s blog into a book.

09 February 2016

Tracey says a heartfelt goodbye to her 7 Families adventure. She reflects on the year’s highlights and the incredible impact the project has had on her, her independence and her life with Tim and Oakley.

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