The Knights Family

20 August 2015

Melanie Knights is 40 years old and lives in Newcastle. She is married with three children and has a ‘wonderful’ spaniel dog called Oscar. She lost her job as a midwife in 2014 due to prolonged absence from work, primarily caused by arthritis.

30 September 2015

Melanie discusses the importance of 7Families’ support and explain how her condition has impacted her financial independence.

26 October 2015

Anna is 21 and has been helping and caring for her mum, Melanie, ever since she was diagnosed with EDS. She tells us what this means to her and why she’s more than happy to provide her mum with the care she needs.

26 October 2015

Melanie suffers from a condition that gives her issues with her mobility. She tells us why she feels she’s fortunate about receiving financial support from 7 Families and what she plans to spend the money on.

11 December 2015

We meet Dylan, Melanie’s son, who reflects candidly on his experience with EDS and how the accompanying fatigue means he has to plan his day accordingly.

15 April 2016

In Melanie’s latest film she talks about the problems associated with getting specialist help for her condition including both the long distances she had to travel and the expense.

11 April 2016

In this short film Melanie talks about connecting with fellow EDS patients through a local support group, the help she gets and the friends she has made.

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