The Norbert Family

10 June 2015

Meet Paul. In his mid twenties, Paul Norbert was diagnosed with bipolar disorder – an often misconceived and vilified condition with far reaching effects.

Filming behind the scenes with Paul Pickford

10 June 2015

Meet Paul, now 44, he held down a job as a driving instructor for many years but eventually succumbed to his diagnosis and is working hard to get back on track. He is especially grateful for the support of Seven Families.

22 September 2015

Paul introduces us to, Rory, a good friend, who gives us an insight into what it’s like being friends with Paul.

22 October 2015

We catch up with Paul to find out more about the support he’s receiving from 7Families. As a deeply thoughtful and considerate man, he explains why he feels that being a driving instructor - a career held for over twelve years - is no longer for him.

29 February 2016

Here we meet Staying Well Care Coordinator, Lisa Gunn. Her role has been to ensure Paul has the knowledge and tools necessary to restructure and rebuild his life in a more positive way. It’s thanks to Lisa that Paul is now ready to get back into the workplace.

04 March 2016

Since we last met Paul he’s been studying, for both his OU degree and to get back to work as a driving instructor. He talks about the rewards of perseverance and how the intense focus is providing a renewed and much welcome sense of purpose.

08 March 2016

As Paul’s 7 Families experience continues he takes the time to share his great appreciation - for the support he’s been given, the doors that have been opened, and for the encouragement he’s received from the special connections he’s made.

10 May 2016

In his latest short film Paul talks about studying with the open university to gain a degree, what it means to him and how it will help him in the future realise his dream of working with young people.

19 May 2016

In his latest film Paul talks about his relationship with stress caused by his bipolar disorder. Here he talks about how he deals with stress and the effect it has on his life.

26 May 2016

Paul Norbert looks back at his time on the 7 Families project. Here he says farewell and discusses how the various support options and the extra finance has helped him with his condition and his return to work.

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