The Pickford Family

21 November 2014

Filming starts in Bolton with Paul and Vicky Pickford.

Filming behind the scenes with Paul Pickford

01 December 2014

Meet Paul. Our third family member, a self-confessed workaholic

Paul suffered a brain stem stroke which turned his world upside down and is now treating recovery as a full time job.

10 February 2015

We return to Bolton to see Paul’s progress at rehab. They are using Seven Families funds to help with the cost of these sessions which are really showing rewards. The pure effort and determination are inspiring.

05 March 2015

Here we meet Paul’s rehab assistant, Emma, whose help with every day activities like eating and dressing, as well as physical and speech therapy, helps to relieve some of the pressure on the Pickfords relationship and maintain the positivity that the couple rely on.

24 March 2015

As Paul’s rehabilitation progresses, a new piece of equipment allows him to communicate and maintain contact with the world. Eyegaze technology offers a lifeline to Paul and thousands of other adults and children worldwide. As well as enabling the user to access the internet and email amongst other things, Paul can generate speech by typing a message - giving him a voice.

26 May 2015

Paul has been using a specialist piece of equipment called a Gloreha Glove that allows him to work on improving the mobility of his left hand.

25 June 2015

Paul and Vicky open up to camera in this emotive film about their life situation. Their courage and determination really come across and it’s also plain to see that Paul’s speech is improving.

This has only been achieved through a massive amount of hard work by Paul and Vicky and the professionals working with them. They know there is much more work to be done to realise Paul’s full potential, whatever that turns out to be, and to come to terms with a new life that they never imagined.

31 July 2015

The determination that Paul shows to rediscover his speech is inspiring, as he works on it everyday, something that the consistent support of 7 Families allows him to do.

03 September 2015

Quaha is a headset that helps Paul use a computer, who’s been using his time wisely to think about potential business ventures. Look out for his special message.

19 October 2015

Paul’s excited at the arrival of a new piece of equipment, a standing frame designed to help him maintain his physiotherapy at home.

10 November 2015

Meet Paula, a case manager, who helps the Pickfords with anything and everything needed for Paul’s rehabilitation. She was even responsible for helping Paul get his standing frame, so she’s probably won herself a lifelong fan there.

23 November 2015

Paul and Vicky’s family and friends talk with admiration about the couple’s inspiring strength and unquestioning love for each other.

14 February 2016

Paul and Vicky’s bond is as strong as ever. To celebrate ten years of marriage they renew their wedding vows in front of a small gathering of close family and friends – including two of the fantastic nurses who helped the couple following Paul’s stroke.

22 February 2016

It’s been three years since Paul’s stroke. In their farewell film Paul and Vicky reflect on the difficulties they’ve faced and the challenges they’ve overcome with the incredible help from the Community Stroke Team and the support of the 7 Families project. We leave them positive about the future and proud of everything Paul has achieved so far.

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