The Pinder Family

07 November 2014

Daniel Pinder was born deaf in November 1964 (he turns 50 this month) and was also diagnosed with epilepsy while young, neither of which stopped him from working as a rehabilitation officer.

In 2009, however, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. “Many years earlier I had briefly lost sight in my left eye and experienced different short term episodes until I originally thought I suffered a stroke. When the confirmation finally came in July 2009 that it was MS it came as a relief, because until then nobody could tell me what was really happening, Daniel said.

15 January 2015

Daniel travels to Exeter to meet with his case manager, Jonathan from 7Families, to discuss returning to work and the options available to him to facilitate that process. A magnanimous man, Daniel wants to help those who, like him, suffer from hearing problems and multiple sclerosis – because, as Daniel says, “Life does not stop; Life continues.”

24 March 2015

With the financial support of 7families, Daniel has been able to pay for HBO (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) — a treatment for multiple sclerosis that simulates an underwater pressure chamber. With the increased levels of oxygen in his blood from this treatment, he has increased feeling, mobility and a better quality of life.

13 April 2015

As Daniel continues with his oxygen therapy sessions, we take a closer a look at MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and find out exactly how it affects someone.

04 September 2015

Check out Daniel’s exciting new gadget, FES, that serves as a walking aid.

25 September 2015

Daniel muses on the importance of being financially prepared for unexpected accidents and illness, and how thinking for our future today can have a large impact on our future tomorrow.

09 October 2015

We accompany Daniel on one of his weekly Physiotherapy sessions to learn how it’s helping improve his strength and balance, giving him more functional use of his right leg.

27 October 2015

We get the view on Daniel’s progress from his kids who are positive, proud, and secretly happy they no longer have to do all the hoovering.

06 November 2015

Daniel has been updating his blog weekly in order to share his experiences of living with MS and act a source of support to others in similar situations.

18 March 2016

As Daniel completes his time with the 7 Families project he looks back and reflects on the progress he has made, talking us through his time on the project and his hopes for the future after the project.

24 March 2016

Daniel’s disability doesn’t stop him from helping others. Through involvement with a local charity, he’s keen to make sure other disabled people have access to the equipment they need to maintain their independence.

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