The Snell Family

30 March 2015

Filming begins in Oldham for our Fifth Family - The Snell’s

Filming behind the scenes with Paul Pickford

31 March 2015

Graeme often used to enjoy going to the park for a run; when he returned for a stroll for the first time after recovering from a stroke, the realisation that the things he had always taken for granted might never be the same again hit him hard.

09 April 2015

Graeme Describes His Stroke

In this brief but heart-warmingly frank and cheerful account, Graeme talks us through the workings of his stroke and how seeing a physical representation, in the shape of an MRI scan image, helped him come to terms with the severity of what had happened to him.

02 July 2015

Graeme openly discusses the ins and outs of his support group and how he’d been harbouring guilt for his relative good health and mobility compared to other stroke victims.

15 July 2015

The support of 7 Families gives Graeme the breathing space required to ease himself back into work as he is able to focus on his rehabilitation. Today Graeme meets with Joy, a RedArc nurse who he can speak to freely about his condition and how it’s affecting him.

26 August 2015

Here we get a closer look at how sudden illness can effect the loved ones of a victim, as Fiona, an old friend and partner to Graeme, talks openly to the camera.

03 November 2015

After his stroke Graeme felt understandably sluggish and flat, we catch up with him to see how his rehabilitation is progressing and find out how exercise is helping him to feel a lot more positive about the future.

18 November 2015

Graeme is feeling positive about finding work. His rehabilitation has been progressing nicely and has been keeping himself busy with volunteer work. He now feels he’s ready to jump back into paid employment.

30 March 2016

Graeme’s motivated to return to a normal life. His confidence is on the rise, and in this upbeat catch-up he talks about the multitude of different steps he’s taking to get back into work - and how 7 Families is helping him prepare for this new chapter.

01 April 2016

As part of his back-to-work plan, Graeme is training to become a trainer. The final part of his course involves delivering a presentation. How will he get on?

05 April 2016

Graeme continues to move forward with his life. Now that he’s put his stroke behind him, the time feels right to move in with partner Fiona.

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