The Thornley Family

05 March 2015

Meet Nikki, a police officer and mother of two, who lost sensitivity in her lower body after a motorcycle accident and was left wheelchair bound. Nikki is hoping to return to work in the police station in the near future and with the support from Seven Families can now afford to take the time she needs for rehabilitation.

24 March 2015

As Nikki considers going back to work again in a few months, she ponders how her colleagues will react to her after her accident. Brimming with positivity and smiling as ever, she hopes others will not feel the need to tiptoe around her.

24 March 2015

Nikki unveils plans for the new family home that Phil has helped design. What was once intended as a chance to give the two boys their own room will now be built on a single floor, enabling the whole family to share the same living spaces and give Nikki access to the entire home. There’s also a few heartfelt words on Phil’s amazing continued contribution, and how his presence and support has given Nikki the strength she’s needed to focus on her rehabilitation.

17 April 2015

Construction Under Way - Mind The Goat!

We revisit Nikki and Phil who have been busy relocating goats and excavating fields as they prepare for the construction of their new home. It looks like a lot of work, but they seem to be excited!

08 May 2015

We follow Nikki as her morning duties as a parent unfold. Simple things that we all take for granted become a marathon effort. She has the patience of a saint!

22 May 2015

We catch up with the Thornleys who are keeping busy as Nikki continues her preparation for work and Phil prepares for a fundraising bike ride. We can also see the significance of the financial support from 7Families and how it’s able to serve as a “safety net” for family life.

11 August 2015

Watch as Nikki welcomes Phil across the finishing line at Land’s End after cycling 1,000 miles from John O’Groats.

Following Nikki’s accident Phil and the ‘Joggle4Jinx’ team of friends and colleagues come together to raise approximately £9,000 for Spinal Research UK, and Spinal Injuries Scotland. The amazing effort and hard work is rewarded with a bottle of champagne, warm hugs, and a lot of emotion.

15 September 2015

We catch up with Nikki to see how she’s doing after a recent driving accident. She appears cheerful and positive as ever, and is determined not to let the further loss of independence affect her.

12 November 2015

All Nikki has ever wanted to be is a police officer, and that’s never changed. Now that’s she’s finally been declared fit to return to work, she shares with us just how much her career means, and the difference getting back to it will make to her life.

14 March 2016

Nikki talks about the house. The scaffolding’s come down and the building is taking shape. There have been a few hiccups along the way, and there’s still plenty left to do, but everyone’s getting excited about the prospect of moving in in the summer.

14 March 2016

It’s all slotting into place for Nikki. The house build is progressing nicely, her family has helped raise the funds for a new lightweight wheelchair, and even puppy Hooper is falling into line. If only Phil hadn’t crashed the car.

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